We all know that dental procedures and treatments in Australia are expensive. That is why when the bandwagon for dental tourism became a hit, almost every Australian want to sink their teeth into it. Dentists in Bali, for example, became very popular and their reputation for providing affordable dental services became the talk of the town. Let us find out more about these dentists in Bali and what we should consider before thinking about dental tourism.


What is dental tourism?

Major dental procedures that cost over thousands of dollars in Australia are now being offered for a fraction of the price in developing countries like Indonesia and Thailand. Traveling outside of the country to vacation spots while getting dental procedures on the side is beginning to be a trend most Australians want to try. This trend of having a dental holiday is continuously convincing more and more people to get the next flight ticket out of the country and come back with their new pearly whites.




Dentists in Bali: Who are they?

If you try searching for dentists in Bali that offer the dental procedures you need for half the price in Australia, you may have seen that they have commendable certifications and experience that catches the eye of many Australians when thinking about their expertise. In fact, some dentists in Bali even claim that they have studied in western countries like the US or UK, so their knowledge, skills, and experience are at the same level as that of their in-house dentists.



Dentists in Bali: What can they offer?

Indonesia, like other countries that offer dental tourism, promises to provide quality dental services that are both safe and affordable. One would be suspicious about this idea, thinking that the quality and standards of these dental procedures may be overlooked or shortchanged. However, dentists in Bali argue that they are able to offer these dental procedures at a lower cost because their living expenses are also lower than those of, for instance, Australia. This means that with their daily expenses, they can still profit from the low cost they charge from their dental treatments and still maintain its quality and safety.


Dentists in Bali: What things should I consider?

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recognizes that dental tourism is really gaining popularity; however, the organisation still wants people to be mindful of the risks associated with this dental hype. Despite all these positive remarks about the dental tourism that dentists in Bali patronise, there are some points you may need to consider when thinking about availing the services of dentists in foreign lands.

  • Do your research. Modern means to know things through the internet makes it so easy for people to check and double-check facts before making any decision. Use the power of social media and inquire online about the services of certain dentists in Bali and what comments do their patients say about their practice. Read details about the qualifications and reputation of your Indonesian dentist so you can have a background of his training and experience in the field.
  • Do your own investigation. If your budget allows it, try to visit the clinic or practice before signing up for a dental procedure. Talk to some of the foreigner patients they have and ask about their experiences so that you’ll get a clearer picture of how and what to expect when it is your time to seek dental help.
  • Do not be afraid to ask. Inquire about the dental package and its inclusions. Ask about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Ask about the total cost of the procedure and the breakdown of your expenses. These questions can help you in deciding if dental tourism is a better option than your nearby dentist.
  • Make a budget allowance. Though you know how much the exact dental procedure costs and what are its inclusions, it would not hurt if you still create a safety budget allowance just in case something did not turn out as planned.


Armed with this information, choosing between dentists in Bali or in Australia and the dental services they offer may seem to be a lot easier. What is most important is to never lose the passion to care for your dental health. Seeking help from either Australian or foreign dentists shows our dedication in finding ways to maintain and restore our dental and oral health.

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