Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.

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Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.

What no gap dental can do for you

We all know that dental procedures, whether preventative, restorative, or cosmetic in nature, are all expensive. Australia may be one of the countries having the highest cost of dental services in the world. That is why having dental health insurance nowadays is...

Dentists in Bali: Before you bite into it

We all know that dental procedures and treatments in Australia are expensive. That is why when the bandwagon for dental tourism became a hit, almost every Australian want to sink their teeth into it. Dentists in Bali, for example, became very popular and their...

Dental health insurance: Do I need it?

Have you ever met anyone who looks forward to dental appointments? Let’s be honest; nobody wants to visit their dentists regularly for many different reasons. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, of the Australian children aged 14, 58% have...

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